• Vision
    • 2015 Goal of vision
    • Three Subject of strategy
    • Thirteen Vision Theme


The fields of circuits
protection components
Leading company

secure competitiveness Global No.1

Reliability quality zero defect realization
Secure the top cost price competitiveness
Conviction of Procurement capability
To foster specialists and talents

Secure different competitive edge

Secure different core technology
To expand convergence components
To develop goods on time / to secure the mass production capacity
To secure the top of manufacturing technology

Lead market

New products are entered into the market on time
Diversification of customers/ambits/markets
Sale increase of protectors
Set the Global MKT G/W

Your future is our vision

  • Internal customers(employees/outsourcing companies)
  • External customers(clients/subcontractor)
  • External customers(banking facilities/public offices/communities

·We provide goods and services which meet the customer’s demand and expectation

·We are doing our best to let employees have a chance for self-improvement and improvement of capacity, so we’d like to express vision achievement and customer impression by win-win strategy slogan.

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