SMART electronics which intend “Human respect management, dependable company” does resource saving and to minimized environmental pollution for environmental preservation which wealthily harmonize with human / company / nature. The above and environmental Preservation is company’s responsibility, so we declare following text.

스마트전자의 환경방침
1SMART electronics observe general environmental laws and international agreement. We prepare proper environmental management standard of itself and we carry out continuous environmental improvement active.
2Employee of SMART electronics conduct sincere of environmental management system’s process and we take the lead in environmental pollution preservation through all process of energy saving, waste reducing and resource recycling.
3SMART electronics minimize discharge of materials ,which have a environmental risks, through the eco-friendly design and technological developments.
4SMART electronics’s employee conduct organized training cotinously to understand and to conduct environmental policy, objective and detail objective.
5SMART electronics make public the environmental policy and objective to the interested parties to maintain the transparency of environmental active.

Smart Electronics CEO Kang Sin-Wook